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Priority Banking

Within the wealth management industry, priority banking generally starts for clients with investible assets of SGD250,000 and above. For clients with investible assets of SGD1M and above, they are generally recognised as private clients. Private banking mostly starts from SGD5M and above.

Our priority banking programmes are designed for relationship managers and wealth management professionals who cover clients under priority banking and private clients.

The IBF Level 1 programme is meant for individuals with 0 to 3 years’ experience in priority banking. This programme benefits those who wish to prepare themselves for priority banking as well as those who are already in priority banking, managing affluent clients.

The IBF Level 2/3 programme is specially structured for those who have more than 3 ​years’ experience in priority banking. This programme benefits those in priority banking and private clients as well as those planning to prepare themselves well to move up to the private client segment to manage high net worth clients.

There is a high emphasis on applying what has been learned and this is achieved through a strong use of case studies, role plays and group discussions.

As always, you will be learning from WMI’s world class faculty of distinguished leaders, senior practitioners, leading academics and subject matter experts from various financial, academic and professional institutions.  

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