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This online programme with in-built assessments, has been developed to fulfill the MAS requirement of 6 hours of Ethics or Rules and Regulations or both.

Learners will have a clear understanding of the various rules & regulations and ethical issues.

As learners progress through the programme, they will develop a deeper appreciation that rules and regulations and ethical decisions exist not just to safeguard the organisation and client, but also himself or herself.

The entire programme is broken up into several lessons and there will be effective combination of information, case studies, videos and activities within each lesson to validate the user’s understanding before moving on to a new lesson. The case studies, some of which are based on actual incidents, will be reflective of situations which advisers often face.

The learner can log out anytime, with the exception of the final assessment, during the session. Upon logging in again, they can resume from where they stop. This programme is designed to run across multiple platforms, operating systems and devices.


Financial Advisory (FA) Representatives, engaged in the provision of FA services, who are required to undergo 6 training hours in Ethics and/or Rules and Regulations each year.

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