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Anti-Money Laundering Risk Management Program Sponsored by UBS
Training focus: Regulatory/Compliance

This programme, which is sponsored by UBS for 3 years, aims to deepen Anti-Money Laundering (AML) competencies in the wealth management industry to combat financial crime and reinforce Singapore's status as a financial centre which adheres to the highest standard.

WMI AML Risk Management Program Sponsored by UBS​ - Online Training Series (ending 31 August 2020)

Under this programme, there are 3 online learning modules which focus on the specific AML and countering of terrorism financing (CFT) issues faced by the wealth management industry in Singapore. Each module is stand-alone and has distinct learning objectives, and participants may select any module to complete.

Participants are encouraged to train sequentially through all modules to achieve the most effective training outcomes.​​​​​​​​

Who Will Benefit From This CACS CPD Online Programme

The online learning modules are recommended for all industry participants, including all Covered ​Persons, private bankers, assistant private bankers, financial adviser representatives, asset managers, compliance and risk management personnel, law enforcement officers, legal professionals, corporate services providers, auditors, accountants, trust practitioners, wealth planners, anyone who deals with trust and ​corporate structures, as well as anyone interested in joining the wealth management industry and interested in learning more about AML risk management.


Participants will be assessed on their understanding of the concepts taught and the correct application of the concepts to ensure they achieve the required learning outcomes. A short assessment will take place at the end of each module, and is conducted in a multiple choice question (MCQ) format.

Each module is accredited by IBF against the IBF Standards. Successful completion of each module will provide participants with 1 CACS CPD hour.

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