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Dr Sung Cheng Chih


Cheng Chih is a co-founder along with long-time colleagues Ng Kok Song and Quah Wee Ghee of Avanda Investment Management Pte Ltd, a Singapore-based privately-owned global investment management firm.

Cheng Chih started his investment career when he joined GIC in 1993. After taking on various investment and corporate management roles, he assumed responsibility for firm-wide risk management in 2002. He retired from GIC in mid-2011 as Managing Director and Chief Risk Officer.

After retiring from GIC, Cheng Chih was appointed Investment Advisor to the Singapore Ministry of Finance, Special Advisor to the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Consultant to GIC, and member of the Expert Panel to the Norwegian Ministry of Finance. He is currently serving on the boards of the MIT Investment Management Company, the MIT Center for Finance and Policy, the NTUC Income Insurance Co-operative, and the Wealth Management Institute in Singapore. He also acted as advisor to the International Monetary Fund, the Singapore Exchange and the Singapore Ministry of Home Affairs, and served on the Management Board of the Risk Management Institute, the National University of Singapore, and the Investment Committee of the Singapore University of Technology and Design.

Cheng Chih studied mathematics at the University of Waterloo, where he earned his BMath and MMath degrees, and later at the University of Minnesota where he received his PhD degree.

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